Beaches and Bays

It is true that Croatia is not exactly famous for its long sandy beaches. Though, it is known for its impressive rocky coastlines, pebble beaches and crystal-clear blue water. However you will be surprised to discover that some of the small beautiful sandy beaches are mainly hidden on the island’s shore. Don’t expect French Riviera or Spanish beaches. The sandy beaches on Vis and Bisevo are hidden treasures and can be found in the bays around the island. Enjoy peace, clear water, not too many people and certainly no loud music.

The Island of Vis has many small (sandy) beaches that can be reached by land or sea. Most of the bays have places to anchor or moor at a buoy. Surely the most famous beach is Stončica, located 6 km from the town of Vis. If you moor your boat you can easily swim to shore and walk to the restaurant to enjoy fried calamari for lunch. For children there is a beach volleyball court situated on the beach. As Stončica is well known by tourists it can be pretty crowded during high season.

Budikovac Island, croatia

If you have the possibility to drive or take the boat a little further and make sure to spend a few hours at Vela Smokova or Zaglav Beach near the village of Milna. The sand is very fine and clean which makes Zaglav beach perfect for families with young children. Closer to the Town of Vis a sandy beach can be found in the bay of Rogacic. For those that seek nightlife and fun on the beach, the most popular beaches are beach Kamenice near Komiza and beach Grandovac just outside the Town of Vis on the eastern side of town and closest to Kut.

If you plan a trip to the Blue Cave you can spend the rest of the day on one of the sandy beaches of the Island. Best known are Salbunara and Porat Bay. Both are similar but Porat has a small bar on the beach to have drinks and small bites to eat.

Stiniva Beach at the Island of Vis

Of course there are plenty of other beaches on the island but these are our favorites if it comes to tranquility, blue water and not too many people. A must see but crowded with people and boats is the magnificent bay of Stiniva. Behind a huge cove in the rocks you will find a small beach with pebbles and a place to eat.

If you want to stay on the boat and have a bay on your own, leave the harbour of Vis in Northern direction (to the left). At the end of the island, just before you would take a turn towards Komiza you will find a bay with a huge rock in front. If you are lucky the bay will be yours.