Frequently Asked Questions about Vis


Why choose Vis?

Why not we would say!

If you like sun, clear blue water, tranquillity and friendly people and don’t want to spend your holiday in mass tourism, we absolutely can recommend to stay on the Island of Vis. From Germany, the Netherlands or England Vis is only half a day travel by plane and ferry. During your stay you can enjoy the surroundings of the island or plan a short trip to islands close by. Some guests spend a week on Vis and then travel further to another island or neighbouring countries to enjoy other new experiences.

Do we pay in Euro or Kuna on the island?

Croatia joined the EU in 2013 but since then Croatia could not meet the economical requirement to adopt the Euro and therefore the Kuna (HRK) is still the valid currency. The Kuna is a stable currency and 1 euro approximately gives you 7,5 HRK. European bank- and credit cards are widely accepted at cash machines, restaurants and most stores. On the Island of Vis it is recommended to carry enough cash, as restaurants in remote areas do not except cards. Not many local places like to be paid in Euro.

What is there to do for kids and teenagers?

The island is a perfect place for kids, there are many things to do. At the local tourist shops you can ask for the daily tours on and around the island. A tour most visitors of the island like is the military tour that brings you to the hidden bunkers of Tito. If you love the water, make sure to check surfing, snorkeling or even deep sea diving. If you don’t want to tour the island as a group you can rent a car, scooter or mountain bike to plan your own route. If you are over 16 and in possession of a valid driving license it’s great fun to rent a quad. Exploring the island by boat make sure to include the Green Cave on the small Island of Ravnik or the Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo.

In town there is an open air cinema, most of the movies shown are English with Croatian subtitles. For parents with teenagers it’s good to know that the island is small and has a little over 3000 residents. No crime and no nightclubs like we all know from the Spanish coast or party islands of Greece. In both harbours you will find lots of nice bars where excitement can be found. During high season sailers form Yacht Week come an go in the harbour and hold parties that you can attend at Fort George. Sometimes a after-party is organized on the close by beach. As all is within a radius of 500 meters, everything can be done by foot. No traffic!